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We are looking toward the future with an amazing goal in sight. We are working to raise funding to purchase a building that will house our Prep Kitchen, Warehouse, Programs and so many other things to help those we serve. This has been a dream for a long time and we are asking our families and friends to help us reach the finish line. Being a community non profit has been one of the most amazing jobs of our lives. It has not been easy, there have been tears, there has been defeat, times we wanted to give up but didn’t. Our mission and purpose have pushed us to keep doing what we love. 


Now! There’s a good chance, everyone says you won’t make the goal. There is always that chance with anything one does. But, it won’t be because we were scared to do the work or even try! 


Please consider making a donation to help us make this dream a reality. $1, $10, $100 anything helps get us one step closer to serving our community in a new way! 


Please donate and spread the word!

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