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Welcome to Zuri’s Circle Junior Public Speaking League.  This is an educational workshop for young children and teens who are interested in developing an interactive role as a junior spokesperson for the nonprofit or community organization they are a part of. The


Junior Public Speaking League gives young people the opportunity to learn how to articulate information about the nonprofit in front of groups of individuals who are interested in learning more about Zuri’s Circle or any other nonprofit community based program they are involved with. 


The workshop includes: public speaking techniques, on camera tips, pronunciation and pacing tips and various role playing activities. The goal is to meet twice a month to develop useful skills that can be used now and in the future this experience is de-signed to promote confidence in speaking to others in a public setting, encourage creativity and build self-esteem.


Practice assignments will be given after each work-shop to help encourage the participants to stay on track. Are YOU ready to speak up?   Let’s have some Fun!

Past Instructor- Danielle Williams

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