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2017 Adopt A Family

Each Year Zuri's Circle Adopts Families to provide them with needed items for their families. This year we have adopted 6, each family will receive a food box and clothing and shoes for their children. For the safety of our families we have edited pictures and names from the post. This is apart of our year round giving and we appreciate and thank you for any support you would like to offer to any of the families.

2017 Zuri’s Circle Adopt a Family

Family A

Child#1 (boy) Sizes 18/20 in boys or men’s Small, 11.5 in shoes

Child#2 (girl) Size 6 in girls, 12/13 in shoes, Child#3 (boy) Size 18 mths in clothes, 5.5/6 in toddler shoes,

Family B

Child#1 (girl) Sports bra XL, 10.5 men’s shoes and 11 in women’s shoes, xl in shirts, 15 in pants, Child#2 (girl) XL shirts, 12/16 pants, 7 in shoes women’s,

Family C

Child#1 (girl) pants size 7, tops are a medium

Family D

Child#1 (boy) pants size 12, large shirts, 6youth in shoes, Child#2 (boy) pant size 8, medium shirts, 2 youth in shoes Child# 3 (boy) 18-24 mths in clothing, 5/6 in toddler shoes,

Family E

Child#1 (girl) size 1 in pants, small shirts, size 9 in women’s shoes Child#2 (girl) size 9 in pants, 9 in shirts, shoe size 2 in youth Child#3 (girl) 5t in pants and shirts, 12 in youth shoes Child#4 (girl) size 3 in clothes, size 8 in youth shoes, Child#5 (girl) 24mths in clothes, 5 in toddler shoes

Family F

Child#1 (girl) 2x top, 3x bottoms, shoe size 9 in women’s Child#2 (boy) 34 tops, 36 pants, 10.5 shoe size, Child#3 (boy) large/xl tops, 16 pants, 8.5 shoe size, Child#4 (boy) medium/large shirts, 10 pants, 7 in shoes, Child#5 (girl) medium tops, 10/12 in pants, Child#6 (girl) 7/8 tops and bottoms, size 3 shoe, Child#7 (girl) 24 mths clothing, 8/9 toddler shoe Child#8 (girl) Preemie newborn she is in need of diapers and wipes

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