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2013 Feed The Community Event

Zuri's Circle started an annual Feed the Community Event in 2013 as a way to provide a day of food, fun, as well as a basketball camp for the children and their families with in the Cesar Chavez community.

It is an amazing experience to interact with a beautiful community. There's no doubt the impact that can be made by bringing resources to families that may not know they exists along side food, fun and entertainment. No matter how big or small the event may be, it can make a lasting impact on the families we meet.

"Anyone has the power to make a difference." ~Kimberly Muhammad

"Zuri's Circle puts on the best Thanksgiving Event for our students and their families every year. They provide food, a basketball clinic, activities, gifts, and bring a variety of organizations to our school. We are so incredibly grateful for Kimberly and Zuri's Circle!"

~ Ivette Rodriguez Marques (Principle at Cesar Chavez Leadership Academy)

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